Dual Chamber Tool Room Furnaces

This series combines the best of the Hupp-Co and T-Series


into one space saving and economical furnace with these special bonuses.

  • Maximum temperature up to 2250 Degrees F (1232 Degrees C) top chamber, 1250 Degrees F (675 Degrees C) bottom chamber
  • Heavy gauge sheet metal and all welded construction
  • Unique thermal air channel housing design keeps the housing surface temperature cooler
  • Manually operated vertical lift door for the top chamber and an easy swing out door on the lower chamber
  • All controls are located in a NEMA 12 control panel mounted on the side of the unit for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Independent control systems for each chamber.
  • Lower chamber also features the high temperature alloy fan for greater chamber temperature uniformity
  • Full safety interlocks on all doors and access panels, cuts power to unit whenever furnace is opened
O/U 2304/1872 12" 12" 16"
O/U 3312/2880 12" 12" 23"
O/U 3072/2496 16" 12" 16"
O/U 4416/3840 16" 12" 23"
O/U 5760/5184 16" 12" 30"

O/U 2304/1872 12" 12" 13"
O/U 3312/2880 12" 12" 20"
O/U 3072/2496 16" 12" 13"
O/U 4416/3840 16" 12" 20"
O/U 5760/5184 16" 12" 27"

Optional Equipment for

Tool Room Furnace

Inert Atmosphere Alloy Retort - for Hardening chamber ONLY, converts standard furnace into an Inert Atmosphere Chamber.
Programmable controls - single or multiple program units available. Allows the operator to preset a profile, which the furnace automatically follows.
Chart Recorder- a variety of round or strip charts are available. Contact office for details.
Digital Process Timer - range from .01 sec. to 999 hours, shuts down the furnace after a preset time period.
Quench basket - high temperature alloy baskets can be used to contain small parts for easier loading and unloading.

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