Production Tempering Furnaces

The perfect accompaniment to the HC series, the HCT-Series offers the same general features as the HC-Series, with these essential components.

  • Maximum temperature up to 1400 degrees F (760 degrees C)
  • High Temperature alloy circulating fan for greater chamber temperature uniformity, essential for quality tempering.
  • High efficiency thermal ceramic insulation on sides, top and back
  • Heavy duty fire brick hearth, with removable hearth plates
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature control systems
  • Independent over temperature protection
  • High temperature alloy heating elements, independent of the furnace insulation for easy replacement and maintenance.
  • Full safety interlocks which cut power to the heating elements whenever the door or any access panels are opened
  • Fast heat up rate and recovery time
  • Factory wired, assembled and power tested
HCT1518 15" 12" 18"
HCT2024 20" 17" 24"
HCT2430 24" 21" 30"
HCT3036 30" 27" 36"
HCT3648 36" 33" 48"
HCT3660 36" 33" 60"
HCT3672 36" 33" 72"

Optional Equipment for the HCT Series Furnaces

Atmosphere Construction - for use with Inert Atmosphere
Programmable Control Systems - single or multiple program systems available
Chart Recorder - a variety of recorders are available
Process Timer - solid state timer to shut down the furnace at the end of the cycle
Work/Quench baskets - high temperature alloy baskets for easier loading and unloading.

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