Nitriding Furnaces

The Gas

Nitriding Furnaces

series is designed and built to be a heavy-duty production batch Nitriding system. An integrated and fully automatic* Nitriding system, these furnaces are constructed with heavy structural steel frames, all welded construction and state of the art components. Some of the standard features include:

(*Initial flow control setting may be necessary)

  • Maximum temperature range up to 1200 Degrees F (648 degrees C)
  • Independent microprocessor based digital temperature controls systems for both the heating and retort chamber.
  • High temperature alloy retort with integral sand seal
  • Independent Nitrogen and Ammonia flow controls
  • High temperature alloy circulating fan in the retort for greater chamber temperature uniformity and ammonia dissociation
  • Durable fire brick insulation backed up by wool fiber block for maximum heat retention
  • Full safety interlocks on all access panels, cuts power to the unit if opened
  • Factory wired, assembled and power tested
NIT-1418 14" 18"
NIT-1427 14" 27"
NIT-1630 16" 30"
NIT-2430 24" 30"
NIT-3330 33" 30"

Special Sizes are available. Contact office for details.

Optional Equipment

Work Basket

- Heavy duty, high temperature alloy baskets. Single units or stackable

Stop Off Paint

- Protective coating applied to area to be protected from Nitriding.

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