Quench Oil

* Anti-Oxidant treatment assures stability and uniform quenching rate
* Faster rate of quenching through critical zone due to better wetting and greater ability to absorb heat.
* Unique formulation gives faster quenching without distortion.
* High fluidity means free draining and less oil loss.
* This oil is not effected by cyanide salts.
* This oil gives greater depth of hardness.

Quench oil temperatures can vary between 90F (32C) and 180F (83C) relative to the process. However, the type of material being quenched, distortion tendencies, pump volume, and speed of oil circulation all influence the temperature of the quench oil. The optimum temperature is generally within the 160F (71C) to 180F (83C) range.

Standard distribution quantity: 5 gallon steel can, other quantities available 30 and 55 gallon drums.

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