Tempering Furnaces

The perfect accompaniment to the Hupp-Co series, the T-Series offers the same basic features with these essential components.

  • Temperature range from 300F (149C) through 1400F (760C) STD.
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature controls with full P.I.D. output functions.
  • High temperature alloy wire elements supported in ceramic holder plates.
  • Thermal efficient, high temperature ceramic fiber insulation.
  • Fast heat up time.
  • Alloy steel fan for air circulation and chamber temperature uniformity.
  • Air operated vertical lift door requires 50 psi.
  • Ceramic hearth trays protect chamber floor and provide a flat level work surface.
  • Door safety interlock shuts off power to the elements and fan whenever the door is opened.
  • Housing is finished with heat resistant industrial brown enamel.
  • Factory assembled, wired and power tested ready to connect to your power supply.

T2000 12" 10" 16"
T2760 12" 10" 23"
T2560 16" 10" 16"
T3680 16" 10" 23"
T4800 16" 10" 30"

Optional Equipment
  • Programmable controls - single or multiple program units available. Allows the operator to preset a profile, which the furnace automatically follows.
  • Chart Recorder- a variety of round or strip charts are available. Contact office for details.
  • Digital Process Timer - range from .01 sec. to 999 hours, shuts down the furnace after a preset time period.
  • Quench basket - high temperature alloy baskets can be used to contain small parts for easier loading and unloading.

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